Professional Coaching

Following the set up of the coaching objective and alignment of expectations with the client and the sponsor, client finds and gradually implements own solutions on individual meetings, leading to the desired change.

Executive coaching

Team coaching

Career coaching

Preparation of internal coaches

Coaching approach for managers  

Mentoring of professional coaches

Leadership Development

Development programs for new or experienced managers and HR professionals, that can be potentially enhanced by individual or team coaching and psychometric tools.

Change Management based on John Kotter´s 8 guiding principles

Powerful teams with the use of Management Drives

Situational Leadership

Developing personal strengths by using Core Quadrants

Leaders of our own energy

Techniques for selecting key employees: Behavioral interviews, psychometric tools, case studies, assessment center

HR Projects

Implementation of simple and efficient processes or improvement of existing HR processes in your company, by meeting pre-defined KPIs and by training relevant employees.

Key HR processes setup or upgrade

Employer Branding and Recruitment

Talent Management

Management by Objectives

Outsourcing, Outplacement

Motivation increase, Engagement

Organization Development

Internal Training set up